August 29, 2014

Friday Funnies

Things I've found rather amusing this week.


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August 27, 2014

The end of breastfeeding

Nineteen months.

That's how long I made it with Samzilla.

I didn't nurse all day mostly first thing in the morning, nap time, and bedtime. Sometimes he would skip the morning session.

My goal was 2 years. 

I had to stop breastfeeding because I have been getting daily headaches and migraines 2-3 times a week. I'm not talking about headaches that respond to OTC medication like tylenol or advil. These didn't go away without migraine medicine and as soon as that wore off they were back.

I had a wisdom tooth removed inbetween doctors visits thinking maybe that was causing it. At this point I don't think it was.

Second visit to the doctor he put me on a daily preventative that I can not breastfeed while taking.


I could have stopped months ago but I know the benefits for the kiddos to make it to 2 years and I'm sad that the choice was taken from me. 

My health is important and I was pretty worthless this month laid up on the couch with my ice packs. It has to be done. 

He is my last baby and I'm so thankful that I made it this long because so many don't. 

I nursed Lucas for 2 years 4 months and Sam for 19 months. 

47 months of my life dedicated to breastfeeding. :)  

August 25, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Lucas!!!!! *Very Picture Heavy*

Happy Birthday

To my oldest sweet little big guy.

He came into this world 6 years ago today at 9:26 pm.

He has taught me

 to love selflessly


and how to be a mom.

The amount of laughter he has brought into my life cannot be measured. 

He loves to the fullest and is a loyal friend for life.

He looks more like his daddy every year.

Zoe the Great is his friend for life

Even when he's sick he's still full of smiles and always looking to play. 

He's an amazing big brother to Samzilla. Playing together is something that always warms my heart. 

I cannot believe he is 6 years old. He's growing too fast. 

My sweet little guy.

Here's to you my love...

Happy Birthday!

August 06, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday Lucas went to kindergarten. :)

We both did really well. He went all day which was new for him as his old school was 9:30-2:30p. I really like his teacher and the best thing ever is he has a friend in his class so that is extremely exciting!

He was starving when he got out of school because they eat lunch at 10:40a. I'm really not excited about that because he's still full from breakfast. :/ Only complaint so far. 

Monday he will go a full week. We are both very excited.

Dinner tonight was amazing listening to him talk about his day. :)

August 01, 2014

One Year Ago: Kawasaki Disease Update

One year ago today Lucas and Tom were walking out the door to get haircuts when Tom came back inside with Lucas showing me this weird rash on his face.

This rash was something we had never dealt with before. When he started running a fever shortly after we made a doctor's appointment. Well rashes and fevers go hand in hand and the doctor's waved it off as adenovirus. He did mention Kawasaki Disease but it was one of those *Oh this doesn't happen* kinda of passing.

Three and a half days later he's still sick. His lips are chapped, he has strawberry tongue, and still running fever.

A trip to the ER was had after talking to the nurse.

TWO ER doctors were confident that it wasn't Kawasaki Disease. That night the pink eye settled in.

Eight days into it he is still running fever, the doctor was calling us daily but no one was doing much of anything. At this point one regular pediatricians and two ER doctor's had said it's not Kawasaki Disease.

Seventeen days into the illness we see our other pediatrician who FINALLY takes blood and he gives us an antibiotic to try to see if maybe it's bacterial and not viral.

Nineteen days and he had been fever free for a 3 days. His skin was peeling everywhere. We thought we were in the clear. Everyone said we are okay.

Twenty-Two days.

The swelling started. Not just his face, his hands, his feet. They were so very swollen and peeling and he was breaking out in hives all over. The second ER visit happened.

The swelling had gone down but his skin was flaking off.
Since we already had a cardiologist appointment for the next morning he let Tom bring him home but he was definitely leaning on the Kawasaki Front.

Twenty-three days we took him to the Cardiologist and ended up staying for four days.

Five Years Old

The night before his birthday he spiked another fever, this time it was from the IVIG which is apparently very common. We were terrified, he was hysterical. One very vivid memory I will never ever forget his him sobbing and asking me to sing to him. He just wanted me to lay down and sing to him. So I did. Instantly he was asleep in my arms.

Our poor sweet boy spent his 5th birthday in the hospital.  The hospital staff was so amazing to our family. He had a good birthday all things considered. The Cardiologist staff brought stuff, the nurses brought him stuff, he had a nice day.

We found out that Lucas was allergic to penicillin, which was causing the awful hives and facial swelling. Woo allergic reactions! -_-

Twenty-eight days.

We had been home a couple days and boy what a change in Lucas. He was back to himself. He lost 6lbs in 28 days. He gained it back quite quickly but man that was scary.

It's been a year. We've grown a nice relationship with all of our doctors. Our cardiologist team is amazing. I love that office and desperately wish he could be our full time doctor! But alas let him do what he's good at!

Since January 2014 he's been in the normal range with his coronaries. We went back in June and there was no real change but he looks great. We only go yearly now and next year he mentioned Lucas having to have a CT scan to get a full picture of his heart. I'm glad he wanted to wait I'm not sure Lucas could handle that now.

It's been a journey for us but my little guy got lucky. He doesn't have any long term issues. We still panic when he gets a fever but I think that's part of it. He will be 6 in a few weeks, will be in kindergarten, and starting soccer. My how things have changed.

Going back I should have pushed much harder to be seen by the cardiologist. Now I'm avid about pushing those who think Kawasaki is even an option to see the doctor.

Two or more paired with fever get to the doctor and make them listen. We got so very lucky.

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July 29, 2014


It's here. 


We were the first family in the school to get him registered. Unfortunately we won't know his teacher until Friday. 

The school definitely has their stuff together. Our city broke away from the county schools and formed their own district. This is their first year and so far everyone has been great. 

I'm really excited for Lucas. 

After we got home we played outside which has been great since we had our yard sprayed for Mosquitos. 

It's been beautiful here not typical July weather in Memphis. I really hope it stays this way. 

July 25, 2014

Summer's Almost Over

It's been a long time since I've been on here.

I'd like to say I was taking advantage of summer but we weren't. We've been stuck indoors most of the summer since we discovered Lucas' awful mosquito bite reaction.

We've been in and out of the doctors office a ton since May 30th. A TON. We should have our own parking space. Between the peds, cardiologist, and allergist + prescriptions I feel like we could have totally gone on vacation with the amount of money that went to those copays.

Either way we did have an awesome cook out with our lovely friends that both kids had a blast. That was when we discovered how awful Lucas' mosquito bite reaction was. Very rough.

But he's such a trooper.

There are some others. He's had Staph from scratching the mosquito bite on his leg. Holy crap that was so swollen. 

He's doing much better now I think we are figuring it out slowly how to keep the swelling down and the Allergist we go to is amazing so he's being extremely helpful.

We also had the yard sprayed for mosquitoes. Best thing we've ever done.

Keeping on the Lucas front.


What?! How the hay!?

He will be 6 in ONE month.

At his last doctor's appointment he was 52lbs 47in tall.

I'm excited for him I know he's ready to be with other kids. We haven't had an eventful summer and he's itching to be around others.

Also we signed him up for Fall Soccer :) we are all excited about this. His first sport. 

On the Samzilla front:

Stole the bowl and got up on the couch after the party lol.

I just noticed he is basically always in his PJs lol we don't get out much.

He's growing like a weed. 18 months now. Still nursing a few times a day. 

Sleeping about 10-12 hours a night with a short nap in the early afternoon which has been amazing!

He is FINALLY talking. He has babbled for ages but anyone that has talked to me knew I was kind of stressed about him not saying many words.

Finally he just exploded with about 10 or so consistent words. He has other ones in there and can say "I get it!" 

He's a climber... big time. He is into everything. He's a complete Daddy's boy loves all things daddy. 

It's great. I love it.

Sam is our eater. He eats just about everything. It's nice having one that isn't super picky like Lucas. Both kids do nothing but eat. I can't keep up with them. The teenage years are going to be interesting!

He was sick earlier this summer ran 104.8 fever which scared us both. Lucas caught it a few days later. That was so much fun. Not rightly sure what it was about but some viral thing that cleared up in 3 days.

As for Tom and me we haven't had much time for anything but doctor's visits. On his days off we play Minecraft on PS3 together. I've recently finished The Last of Us (AMAZING).

It's been fun playing Minecraft with Tom we have built some crazy stuff and it's just nice to spend time together when we can't do anything else.

I'm currently in full swing of planning Christmas & Sam's birthday gifts, plan early save money. Lucas opted out of having a party this year and wants to go shopping instead which works for me. So we are giving him the money we were going to spend on a party and letting him have it. We will still have some close friends over for cake though. :)

I'm hoping so very much that my dear dear friend Cara over at Why Can't Wheat Be Friends will be coming with her son for Thanksgiving this year. So excited for this. We've been friends since we were pregnant with our boys and man gonna be awesome! 

I am going to try to get back into blogging. Lucas being in school will help, maybe put us on a better schedule than we have been hah.

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