October 05, 2010

Wife of an Officer

Thomas is finally out of the training program and out on his own (been out on his own awhile). He's gotten his schedule where he will be and it's okay. I originally wanted him to be midnights (I knew days was out of the question). Midnights though he'd get home in the morning and go to bed then wouldn't have to be at work until midnight so we'd still get to keep the night routine.

Internally part of me knows that this schedule would burn Tom out quickly but selfishly I wanted this because it made my life easier.

The longest part of my day is from 3pm until bedtime. Lucas is tired and whiny. I'm tired and whiny. Neither of us want to do anything constructive so we whine to each other.

Tom is on the evening shift. 3pm-11pm.

I knew it would happen and he's excited because it is a busy shift he is actually doing something. Midnights is boring after about 1am.

I was told by Tom early on that evenings is hard on married couples (especially with children) because you don't get to spend much time or do much of anything together. By the time we are up and ready for the day it's 9-10am and Lucas goes down for a nap around 11:30-12 and then Tom leaves once Lucas is up.

I cherish the mornings.

Long term we'll see how this goes. I'll learn to deal. I'm thinking of the positives of midnights.

  • I don't have to get up in the middle of the night with Lucas and deal with him alone.
  • Tom is here in the mornings so some days I could sleep in
  • Bedtime routine is starting to be a fun thing for me to do. (Tom used to give all baths)

Piano bench and table pushed together...

Just a few I can think of.

I think another part of evenings I'm not too fond of is knowing there is more going on and having to trust in Tom's training to keep him safe. It's a scary world. Yes it's not Memphis but at the same time there are violent and crazy people everywhere.

On the Monster front. Here are some pictures of his latest antics.

He was doing this then shortly after climbing over the back of the couch and then running around to do it again. I have got to get this child a hobby. Climbing is killing me.

Spider kid...


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