November 23, 2013

We are those people

I know everyone is all Anti Christmas until after Thanksgiving but not us. I'm not super Christmas excited this year (Dreading Elf on the Shelf), for some reason I'm not real excited about anything this year.

But we put the tree up last weekend. Why not? I take it down the day after Christmas so let's enjoy it. I hoped we'd get the lights outside this weekend but it's going to be too cold lol we will try for next weekend.

We moved the tree to a corner of the Den to kind of isolate it from Sam. He has not even crawled over to it. I'm thankful that he isn't showing too much interest there because maaaaan I'm really a stickler about ornaments.

We were exhausted lol Tom threw the lights on there.
We took our Christmas card pictures this weekend. I've already ordered and received them. I'm so excited. Last year I made them from scratch using my photo editing program. It wasn't hard but heck it didn't save us any money. Ink, being the most expensive liquid on the planet, cost more than ordering them from Shutterfly. I want to post the picture of it but I have to mail them out first. :)

I will post this one of Sam

I've been so distracted from blogging to be honest it's a chore and I have enough of those right now.

Plus I've been pretty much living and breathing Doctor Who the last few months (especially this week) trying to catch up for The Day of the Doctor today!!!!

I'm excited and scared.

So yep that has been our life recently. I'm pretty Sure Lucas is coming down with a cold (Please no Sam is just barely over the one we got on Halloween).

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  1. I want to put my tree up now but Tommy wants to get through Thanksgiving, he grew up putting a tree up the week before Christmas so he thinks I'm nutso


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