December 06, 2013

Ten Years

Ten years ago today around this time of day I exchanged my last name for a new one.

Tom and I said our vows on a train, yes this girl got married on a train, in front of our friends and family.

Ten years ago. Wow.

It really doesn't feel like it's been that long. I feel like we have only been married a few years but then I look at my FIVE year old son and my almost ONE year old infant and go, "Holy crap it has been ten years!"

So here we are ten years later... pretty much the same weird people we were way back then.

We were so young when we got married I was 19 and he was 20. When you know you know right?

He has been so good to me and gone above and way beyond when he didn't have to and that goes such a long way for me. He is a fantastic husband, great friend, and a simply amazing father. I won the lottery with this guy and I don't deserve him at all.

He showed me how to really love... without question... selflessly.

He has made me a better person and balances out my crazy.

He loves me for who I am even on the days where I'm not that great he goes above and beyond to make it better.

He puts his life on the line to provide for our family every single day and he is amazing for doing that.

He's stuck it out for a decade with me, only he knows why... :D

Things I love about the guy I live with:

His laugh. He has the best laugh when he allows himself to really laugh. I think it's why I like watching comedy videos with him because it's an excuse to hear it. It also makes me grin like the Cheshire cat when he really laughs like that over everyday things.

He sort of beat boxes. Ever since we met he makes little noises with his mouth and sometimes it's ridiculous but it's entertaining. He does it all the time and I think both kids really enjoy it.

He goes out of his way to annoy me with the dog. I don't like her on the furniture... ever. She sheds and it makes me all sorts of crazy but I'll occasionally turn around and shes in his lap in the rocking chair and it makes me crazy but it's sweet seeing him love her like another baby. Of course I then like to do the super sweet baby talk to her and she claws her way out of his arms trying to get to me... :::evil grin:::

He's a perfectionist... not with everything like would totally be amazing if he loved a super clean house... but when it comes to details about things he's all about it. Cooking and baking with him is fun because I like the process but don't care about how great it looks (we are going to eat it c'mon) but he makes it look good. This carries over in painting and working on the house which is good those are things I'm terrible at.

ere is to decades more of marriage with Tom. I hope that it will continue to be as fun as it has been. :)

I really don't deserve him.

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  1. Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more to come! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Hope you do something fun to celebrate such a big milestone.

  3. Happy Anniversary - what a milestone! I love that you got married on a train - that's so cool. I know you say you don't deserve him, but you seem pretty great yourself and are a fantastic mom, so I'm sure you're just as good of a wife.
    Val @ That's What We Did

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! 10 years is a huge milestone for our generation!! So proud that there are people who still stick together and make it last. Oh and you do deserve him. I know that's a qoute we all say.. but you have to step back and think of all the good you do for him too. I'm pretty sure he'd say he doesn't deserve you either. Truth is.. you deserve each other. Everyone deserves someone who makes us feel special, whole and loved. If those things are provided on both sides.. then again "you deserve each other". <3, Amy


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