May 02, 2014

I Hate(d) Sippy Cups

One of my biggest dislikes of motherhood are sippy cups.

They suck. I hate them.

Well... I hated them. I have now found a sippy cup that I love.

We WERE using the Playtex brand sippy cups, mainly because I still had them from Lucas.

I'm sure anyone that has been a parent knows these cups. There are three pieces. A small silicone stopper that's shoved into the lid that is supposed to be spill proof.

Water. Everywhere.

I don't put anything but water in sippy cups for this reason alone. Nothing else needs to go in there if you let your kiddo have freedom with their cups. Samzilla throws his around and does normal toddler things with it and they leak. Not a ton but enough.

Well, Playtex decided they didn't leak enough and redesigned these cups with soft spouts.

HAHAHA these are by far the worst things every created.

The handle piece comes apart, so you can convert it to a handle-less sippy cup, and doesn't fit well into the cup so you can't really tighten it and with this awesome twist and click technology they use the slightest tap and the whole lid pops off.

Then let's not even go into the soft spout if the kid turns the cup over at all and the spout is on the floor... well...

It's the biggest waste of money ever. (Almost $8 for two) If I didn't have dogs that followed Samzilla around waiting for him to make some sort of mess I would be so mad.

So while out looking for Easter things for Lucas' Junior K class I checked back in the baby aisle to see what they had.

What I found is the holy friggin grail of sippy cups.

It's by NUK

It's the Advanced Development Hard Spout sippy cup and parents with toddlers the best damn thing I have spent money on.

 In all of it's glory here it is.

This thing doesn't leak.

I repeat.


It's been thrown, used a drum stick, rolled, knocked over repeatedly...

Doesn't leak.

I was so confident I even put something other than water in it and let Samzilla run around the house and that never happens.

Not a drop.

The only downfall is I can't find them. Kroger doesn't carry them, I didn't see them at Target, and Wal-Mart was out. I may end up ordering them online if I have to.

What's even better? It's under $3 for one cup. The Playtex cups are almost $4 a piece and you usually HAVE to buy them in pairs.

I have not used any of their other cups because this is a recent discovery. These don't have handles so your kiddos will need to be confident holding them on their own. Other than that not one complaint other than I cannot find them in stores!

Those of you that have toddlers and are using sippy cups, give them a whirl they are amazing!

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  1. I need these cups. My kiddos are driving me crazy spilling water everywhere! THanks for sharing!!

  2. Glad I finally saw this! Jenson has a soft spout sippy that doesn't "really" leak, but he needs something for older babies now. I'd like to be able to put breastmilk in one so that he learns to drink it from a cup instead of a bottle when I'm not with him, but the others that I have leaked so badly when I tried. I'm definitely going to order one of these to try!


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